Takara Small

Keynote Speaker

Takara Small is a Toronto-based tech entrepreneur, journalist and developer.  She is a technology columnist on Metro Morning and the founder and executive director of VentureKids Canada, a Toronto-based nonprofit that provides free coding classes and startup workshops to youth living in low-income and underserved communities.

Patricia Folkins.jpeg

Patricia Folkins


Patricia's practice focuses on preparing and prosecuting patent applications in chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical matters. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University before joining a leading biopharmaceutical company as a research scientist and a technical advisor in their patent department.

carleigh zangrando.jpeg

Carleigh Zangrando


Carleigh Zangrando is the Business Development and Account Manager at CENG Technologies Inc., one of the fastest growing Hardware and Software Development Agencies in Hamilton.  She leverages new trends in blockchain technology and web 3.0 in her marketing efforts, and utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrencies in digital marketing.

Renee Geske.jpeg

Renee Geske


During Renee’s 20 years as a global technology professional, she has refined her skills and expertise to help drive business transformation in the areas of sales enablement, marketing and strategy.  She thrives on creating order out of chaos, and has a passion for helping people unlock their potential for business and professional growth.

Kelly Dore.jpeg

Kelly Dore


Kelly Dore, PhD is Co-Founder and VP of Growth at Altus Assessments and an adjunct professor at McMaster University. and the Co-Creator of CASPer – an admission tool used internationally for selection into health professions and teacher education.

Alexis Black.jpeg

Alexis Black


Alexis Black is an intellectual property advisor with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. She has worked for two national law firms managing technology and intellectual property law marketing and business development portfolios. Alexis previously worked for the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce.

Corinne Sharp.jpeg

Corinne Sharp


Corinne is a connector of people and businesses.  As the President of Sharp Perspective, Corinne works with organizations from start-ups through to large global organizations on their sales, channel and management strategies. Previously, Corinne held leadership roles with Microsoft and General Electric in both Enterprise and SMB organizations.

Amy Cross.jpeg

Amy Cross


Amy-Willard Cross is the founder of Gender Fair Index, an app and rating system that scores companies on gender equality. Gender Fair Index rates how women are treated as leaders, employees, and consumers. Shoppers can view the scores and direct their purchasing power to support companies that promote gender equality.

Karen Grant.jpg

Karen Grant


Karen Grant is the Executive Director of the Angel One Network, a founding member of Equation Angels.  Equation Angels combines the expertise and resources of Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN), Angel One Network, and Southwestern Ontario Angels (SWO Angels) to create a diverse network of 200 investors eager to help entrepreneurs excel.

Laura Willett.jpeg

Laura Willett


Laura Willett is an Associate at GreenSky Capital, which makes investments in early-stage Canadian technology companies. At GreenSky, Laura conducts due diligence, sources new leads and supports fund operations. Laura has a background in finance, consulting, sustainability and international relations.

Kimberly Elliott.jpg

Kimberly Elliott


Kimberly is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of VoxNeuro, which provides clinicians with quantitative and objective data on patients’ cognitive brain function through a breakthrough application of EEG-based neuroimaging, combined with proprietary algorithms.  Prior to VoxNeuro, Kimberly made her career in account management at leading creative agencies in Toronto and New York.

Lily Lam.jpeg

Lily Lam


Lily has many years of experience in direct investing, deploying assets in next generation technologies including AI, health technology, green technology and IT sectors, and enjoys bridging communication between investors, companies and technical thought leaders. She has a passion for applying her technical background, work experiences to help start up and venture backed companies grow and navigate the fundraising markets. 

Ingrid Fung.jpeg

Ingrid Fung


Ingrid is an associate with Finistere Ventures located in Toronto, Ontario. In addition to her activities in Canada, Ingrid is interested in the application of life sciences technologies in agriculture. Her areas of focus for Finistere cover a broad range of disciplines including crop inputs, plant sciences, and animal health.  Prior to joining Finistere Ventures, Ingrid was with AVAC Ltd and Bioenterprise Corporation.